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TL-2300 Intermediate Speed Range Slip/Peel Tester


TL-2300 Intermediate Speed Range Slip/Peel Tester

The TL-2300 replaces the TL-2200 and incorporates the newest electronics as used in our other platen based Slip/Peel Testers. The operator’s interface is identical to the SP-2100. Technicians familiar with the operation of the SP-2100 will be right at home on the TL-2300.

This instrument covers speeds from 6 to 1500 in/min (3800 cm/min). These extended TLMI speeds are of interest in measuring release properties on labels and tapes that are manually stripped. Yet, this range also covers speeds encountered in standard peel adhesion and coefficient of friction measurements.

• Easy to setup and operate.
• Auto-calibration handled by TEDS (IEEE 1451d4) calibration protocol for load cells
• Operator-selected Force and speed units - English, Metric or SI
• Automatically adapts to any power source from 100 to 240 vac, 47 to 63 Hz.
• Precision servo/screw drive, speeds 6.0 to 1500 in/min (3800 cm/min)
• Force ranges from 10 grams on up to 10 kg.(25 lb)
• Platen travel - 18 in (45 cm)
• Determines Static Peak, Kinetic Peak, Average, Valley and RMS forces
• Automatic running calculation of statistics - mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation
• Standard variable-angle peel fixture
• Includes COF sled, sample clamps
• Conforms to relevant PSTC, ASTM, TLMI, FINAT, AFERA and TAPPI standards
• Datalink software for interface with a PC, is standard
• SetupSaver for saving and recalling setups is standard
• Connection to the computer is now handled through a USB port
• Sealed front panel push buttons

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