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Accessories for SP-2100 and TL-2300

• Other capacity load cells
Autoroll Swing-away Sample Roller [1]
  Uses platen drive to roll down test specimens
  per PSTC
Variable Angle Peel Fixture [2]
  6" std. on SP-2100; 12" std. on TL-2300
  12" optional on SP-2100
Tape Roll Unwind Fixture [3]
T-Peel Fixture [4]

Variable Angle Peel Fixture
Tape Roll Unwind Fixture
T-Peel Fixture
PR-1000 Poweroll  


Pressure sensitive materials are just that — pressure sensitive. And peel data can be affected by the manner in which the material is applied to the test panel. PSTC, and others, specify that a 4.5 lb rubber covered roller be passed over the bond at 12 inches per minute.

Poweroll, which is self-driven, does this over a virtually unlimited panel length. It can also apply roll forces of 10 or 15 lb using supplied auxiliary weights.
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