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ZPE-1200 High Speed Release Test System


NEW ZPE-1200 High Speed Release Test System

The totally reengineered ZPE-1200 retains all of the functions of the ZPE-1100W and adds additional test parameters, statistics and makes setup and operation easier. Constant speed range is from 0.04 to 5 M/S (95 to 12,000 in/min). Tests can be in either Constant or Ramp mode. A single Ramp speed test can cover a spectrum of speeds reducing the number of tests that have to be run, while the Constant speed test gives you increased data where further examination is required.

New features of the ZPE-1200 are:
• Universal input voltage from 100 to 240 VAC - 50/60Hz.
• Load cells available in 5 lb (2.2 kg) or 10 lb (5 kg) capacity. Specify during order.
• No pre-selection of anticipated force range. All data is accepted within rated capacity of load cell.
• Ramp tests can start and end at any speed within 0 and 5 M/S. Ramp up or ramp down.
• Includes up-to-date Windows desktop, monitor and printer. Laptop available in place of desktop and monitor.
• Simple interface to the computer using standard USB A/B cable - no additional hardware required.
• Pinch roll operated by silent linear actuator. No time limit on sample attachment.
• MEANS, STDEV and COV calculated from 2nd test on when Start series is selected.
• Multiple layer control can be specified to separate statistics by layer. Up to 25 layers can be specified.
• Additional drive capstan cover added to aid sample guide placement in drive area.
• TEDS protocol load cell used. No manual balance or force calibration necessary.
• Motor uses encoder feedback. No manual velocity calibration necessary.
• Air shelf fan can be turned off when not needed.

Retained standard features are:
• Graphed data Boundaries can be moved to avoid start and stop anomalies.
• Test data can be fit to a polynomial up to 20th order.
• Sample rides on air shelf to eliminate friction forces.
• Strips liner from label or label from liner, without using overlay.
• Determines RMS values of force as a measure of chatter or zippering.
• Files may be output and stored in several formats, including direct entry into Excel
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